Ingredients & Design

We have acted as mediators between the consumers and manufacturers during our 20 years in the bike business. Our design philosophy was shaped through the years of dealing with frustrating proprietary parts, rolling recalls, and so called innovations. Each wheel in our lineup uses the best spokes in the world from Sapim, and the hubs and rims we use are made by the top manufacturers in the industry, based on specifications that we have researched and tested. 


The best materials in the world will not make a great product if they are not assembled properly. The level of attention to detail is what defines the quality of Nir Wheels. Wheel building is never outsourced nor is it just another step in the assembly line. Nir builds every wheel to order with techniques realized through years of experimenting lacing patterns and spoke tension. 


We are fortunate to have the diverse topography and pleasant weather of Southern California to ride in all year. Our wheels are tested in some of the most grueling situations by our solid crew of riders and racers who cycle thousands of miles a year. We design our products with our team's input in mind, and the size of our company allows for quick prototyping and experimentation that you don't see from the rest of the industry.