The C30 was developed to fit any bike while still offering some of the tangible improvements to handling and comfort you expect from a wide rim. 


  • 20mm outer width, 17.5mm inner width, 30mm profile clincher rim
  • Available with red, blue, pink, or black rims
  • Standard: 20F/24R (200lbs rider)
  • Sapim CX-Ray spokes
  • Compatible with Campagnolo or Shimano/SRAM 9-11 speed
  • Approximately1420g per set 
  • Titanium skewers, tubeless tape, and freehub spacer included


With the success of our C31 wheels, we noticed that there were many clients with classic and modern frames that could not accomodate the current wave of +23mm wide rims. The C30 was designed to retain the dynamic ride quality our wheels are known for, even under the tightest tolerances. Continuing with our favorite spoke, the Sapim CX-Ray, and our incredible Nir Hubs, we selected a rim based around the most problematic bikes we have dealt with. The finished product is a wheel that comes in at about 80g lighter than the C31 while still being dynamic in any condition. 


The C31 is our breakout masterpiece that redefines how an alloy clincher should perform. We came up with an ambitious list of qualities we wanted in our perfect wheel and then surpassed the expectation. 


  • 24.5mm outer width, 19.5mm inner width, 31mm profile clincher rims 
  • Standard: 20F/24R (-200lbs rider) Robust: 20F/28R (-260 lbs rider)
  • Sapim CX-Ray spokes
  • Compatible with Campagnolo or Shimano/SRAM 9-11 speed 
  • Tubeless ready
  • Approximately 1460g depending on build
  • Titanium skewers, tubeless tape, and freehub spacer included


Built with supreme stiffness and reactivity in mind, each C31 wheelset features stout 31mm tall rims laced with the best spokes in the game, Sapim CX-Rays, to our custom specified, super smooth, Nir Hubs. As with all our products, Nir painstakingly prepares and assembles every wheel to perfection with no proprietary parts. The rims are tall enough to offer an aero advantage while being light enough to spin up brutal grades. Testing these wheels on rough roads around Los Angeles, we were convinced our customers would appreciate the option to go tubeless, so each wheel comes pre taped for use with tubeless tires and valves.

The C31is a no compromise wheel that delivers consistent performance for thousands of miles, no matter where the road takes you. 


C38, C50, C60, C88 Rim or Disc brakes

The carbon clincher is an ideal concept: combine the convenience of a clincher bead to the aero benefits of a tall carbon rim. More often than not, the brake surface and manufacturing processes create problems that make carbon clinchers ride unremarkable.  After extensive testing and input from a top carbon manufacturer, we are proud to offer a carbon clincher that surpasses all other market offerings. 


  • Unique Aero design to maximized Aerodynamic with tires up to 28mm! and minimum effect by side-wind. 
  • 27mm max width, 19.5mm inner width. 
  • 25mm brake track with Ultra-High temperature resistant resin (rim brakes only).
  • 20F/24R Rim brakes, 24F/28R CL Disc brakes. 
  • Sapim CX-Ray spokes.
  • Compatible with Campagnolo or Shimano/SRAM 9-11 speed.
  • Disc hubs available for standard Shimano/Sram or Sram XD cassette.
  • Tubeless ready!
  • From 1480g per set
  • Titanium skewers (rim brakes only), tubeless tape, and freehub spacer included


Carbon clinchers must withstand numerous forces: air pressure from the tire, heat from braking, and road impact under the rider's weight. We focused on the braking surface and bead design to address the most problematic issues of carbon clinchers. In collaboration between Nir and our carbon manufacturer, we insisted on a new high temperature resistant resin so that we do not have to make heavy overbuilt brake walls to dissipate heat. A wider rim bed with a tubeless bead provides a plush ride with lower tire pressure. 25mm brake tracks allow for complete pad contact regardless of the calipers you use. 

As always, our wheels are built to order by Nir Tal under the strict process and quality control regiment he has devised. Nir Hubs are available as our standard offering but other options are available (prices vary accordingly).



Gravel29 are out latest development.

We developed this wheel set with over 20 years of experience mountain bike riding and racing in mind. Instead of modified road wheels into dirt riding, like most wheels out-there, we developed the Gravel29 from the ground up. 

400 grams tubeless rims, 29mm width and 28mm tall, are setting the benchmark in acceleration, cornering and stability.

Optimized for tire sizes 32mm - 42mm, but if your bike can fit anything larger, don't hold yourself, even 29" 2.3" wide tire will work just fine. 

Want to use your Gravel bike for your next local race? No problem! 28mm tire and up to 80psi will do the trick.

All Gravel29 build 24/28 CX-Ray Spokes (28/28 3X are available upon request), and our Nir SL Centerloc hubs. Available for all common axle sizes.



T38sl - T50 - T60 - T88

The T-Series is our line of purpose built wheels that provide the ultimate balance of stiffness, handling, and reliability, while being absolutely explosive under acceleration. You might be tempted to get these as a race day only wheelset, but after a ride on some T-Series wheels, everyday will be race day.


  • Model indicates rim depth: 38mm, 50mm, 60mm, and 88mm
  • 25mm dedicated brake track ensures pad contact
  • Wheels are intended for 23mm or wider tubular tires
  • Rims taper from 23mm at base to 27mm at the center for the best combination of aerodynamic advantage vs crosswind performance
  • Sapim CX-Ray spokes
  • T38sl 1110g complete wheelset!
  • Compatible with Campagnolo or Shimano/SRAM 9-11 speed
  • Titanium skewers, carbon brake pads, and freehub spacer included


Commodity rims are overbuilt and contain remnants of carbon or bladders. This rotational weight makes your bike feel sluggish off the line and kills momentum. Our stringent layup ensures we use enough material to make a tough yet light rim, while our multiple stages of quality control confirm our rims are perfect inside and out.

Based on our experience, braking and stiffness are the main problems with current wheels. We addressed the issues with a 25mm heat resistant brake track and reinforced the spoke bed for high tension assembly. The brake surface stops like an alloy rim in all conditions without a textured finish. Reinforced spoke beds allow us to apply the build process that makes our alloy wheels so reactive. Sapim CX-Ray spokes and Nir Hubs continue to be the standard issue, even in our 1110g T38sl wheelset.

You hear the marketing: "With X wheels, you and your buddy Fred can ride side by side at 170 watts with a 45 degree headwind and you will arrive 30 seconds earlier at the coffee shop". Data is thrown out so often that it ceases to be meaningful. Perception is everything, so we rely on rider feedback over wind tunnels or computer models. Every wheel is tested by competitive riders in their own races and along the Pacific Coast Highway. The PCH is an ideal testing site because strong winds blow from all directions, and the world class climbs off the coastal ranges torture our wheels in ways that could never be replicated in a lab. Every T-Series rim provides an aerodynamic advantage without affecting control in crosswinds, but you should consider the type of riding you do when selecting a wheelset.