"If I couldn't have built it better, I wouldn't have tried!"

                                                                                     -Nir Tal

Coming up as a mountain bike racer in his native Israel, Nir Tal learned to take apart and service bikes as a necessity. In 2008, while wrenching in one of Chicago's top shops, Nir began experimenting with various spoke and rim combinations. His innate skills earned him several industry awards, and he served as the mechanic to several Race Across America (RAAM) riders. While machine built wheels were taking over the market, die hard racers and hobbyists sought out Nir's wheels to get an edge on the road. The wheels built during this period laid the foundation for the processes and designs of the current line of products.

In 2011, Nir moved to Los Angeles and began a mobile mechanic business. With the limits to the products he could get, Nir built and offered wheels to his elite clientele. As more wheels started showing up at group rides, crits, 24hr races, and fondo rides, it was apparent that wheels were the main business and no longer just an experiment. Nir secured partnerships with some of the most prolific manufacturers in the bike industry to source his personally specified components and Nir Wheels became a full time operation.

The goal of the company is to build products that are purely focused on performance without the guise of pseudo-science, while offering solutions to problems the mainstream bike industry doesn't care to address.

Our Commitment

Nir Wheels began from the deep dissatisfaction in the quality of wheels offered by the industry. Our products are designed by one bike-racing engineer and the input from the avid riders and racers that make up our team.

Because of the stringent development process and exacting build standards, Nir is confident in the uncompromising performance of the products bearing his name. 

We do not live in a perfect world and things break down, but if you invested in a set of Nir Wheels, we will do our best to keep you rolling strong and true.

Corporate Responsibility

Our wheels are built one at a time by Nir Tal, so it is easy to manage our resources and limit waste. Every employee at the company earns a living wage that surpasses the bike industry average. Our products are built with the best materials sourced from around the world, but we have vetted our vendors to ensure that they reflect our own values. We are proud to say that Nir Wheels are free from slave labor and manufacturing processes that pollute the environment.